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A thank you to people who have discussed ‘the gun wire.’ on online forums…

March 5, 2012

This website, ‘the gun wire.’, went live on August 21, 2011.  Despite using Google Adwords for several months when we first went online, we really weren’t noticed by anyone until the end of November 2011.  Since then, our readership has grown by leaps and bounds.

the gun wire

Todd, of 'the gun wire.'

We got our first big break when a few blogs actually wrote small columns about our site all during a week or two back in late November 2011.  We generated a lot of new readers from those blogs, and are forever grateful.

Since then, a few readers have introduced us on various gun forums, and we’ve noticed we get a significant amount of readership from such endorsements.  Again, we are very grateful when our readers share with their forum community about the resource that is ‘the gun wire.’

Recently, a few ‘preppers’ have shared ‘the gun wire.’ with their forum friends and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in readership from those forum comments.  We like having the preppers among us – we’re preppers too…well, kind of.  It’s hard being a serious prepper in Southern California.  If the trucks stop running in SoCal, we’re screwed.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

Anyway, we sort of fell asleep at the wheel, and we just passed our 6 month mark on February 21.  And readership grows exponentially.

Well, we just wanted to say thank you to all of you who read our forum hourly, daily, weekly, etc.  And thank you to those who leave us on all day.

And a special thank you to those who have taken the time out of your day to share ‘the gun wire.’ with your forum friends.  Every time we are mentioned on a relevant forum, our readership grows big time.  And we appreciate it.




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