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January 29, 2012

This is all Arizona needs – more bad press – when things are going well for freedom-loving Arizonans.

Here’s the story at eurweb.

I’ve whittled down the story to a few snippets to discuss…

The bullet riddled tee shirt of President Obama posted brazenly on Facebook by seven semi-automatic gun toting men among them a Peoria, Arizona police sergeant was much more than the by now standard non-stop litany of racist cartoons, depictions, web postings, and kooky loose talk threats against President Obama.

Look, posting this on Facebook is just pure stupidity.  Posing for the pic wasn’t very bright (raising the eyebrow of Secret Service agents in Arizona, for openers), and the entire episode is in bad taste.  Using the shirt for a target – well, I could care less.  It could be a shirt or a picture of anyone.  I’d look at it the same.  What if it were a picture of Sean Penn?  Or George Bush?  If it was George Bush, would this article even have been written?

While I really could care less, I think it is bad taste to shoot at any target depicting any real, live human being.  Except obvious enemies like OBL or Saddam Hussein (when they were alive) or commercial targets with real people playing the role of the threat.  Even then, is it really necessary?  I mean, we’ve got plenty of cool zombie targets.  And think about it:  Obama / Zombie… Zombie / Obama… not much difference, only one as a target is much less inflammatory and doesn’t flag you for law enforcement scrutiny.

the gun wire

Arizona shooters

The gun toting men and the police sergeant were taking target practice on the president’s likeness at an undisclosed desert locale.  The gun toting men made a virtual public call for the gunning down of the president comes on Facebook.

I think that is reading a little too much into it.  They shot up a shirt.  I think its a big leap to call that a “public call for the gunning down of the president.”

Again, if it were a picture of Sean Penn, would it be considered a “public call for gunning down a celebrity?”  Doubt it.  If it were George Bush?  Hell, if it were Bush, I’m sure the left would give these guys merit badges.  They would be invited to fancy dinners and pat on the back.

There is nothing shadowy or conspiratorial about what police sergeant Pat Shearer and his gun packing friends in Peoria, Arizona did. It was brazen and very open. The clueless Shearer for his part saw nothing inappropriate, let alone, dangerous, about what he did. He chalked it up to much ado about nothing or as he put it he didn’t think that shooting up a t-shirt with President Obama’s face on it “was that big a deal.” It was more than a big deal. The target in their in gun sights, not a regular bull eye, a likeness of Howdy Dowdy, or a Cactus plant. It was President Obama. Federal prosecutors should see it as the “big deal” that it is and bring charges.

It would seem to me the LEO should have known better to not participate in such an affair, and looking at this situation, I can completely understand the outrage towards the LEO – but not the civilians.  I can’t say what the outcome should be for the LEO – that’s not my call…but common sense would dictate he shouldn’t have been involved.  For the other shooters, it should be a learning experience – nothing more.

Really, do any of these guys have any common sense?  Or class?



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