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At ‘the gun wire.’, a new advertiser: Never Established

May 20, 2013

In the future when any company advertises at ‘the gun wire.’, I’ll be offering a complimentary writeup to introduce to the readers the company who purchased the advertising.

Today, I introduce as the newest advertiser at ‘the gun wire.’:  Never Established.

John, one of the owners, wrote up this little summary about himself and his company, Never Established.  Please visit their site at www.neverestablished.com for cool t-shirts and more to come…

I did an enlistment in the Army in ’03.  Did my tour in Iraq and once I was out I kept doing the same job as a contractor going back and forth to Afghanistan.  I have found that though many are fighting wars in other countries supposedly for America’s freedom (though I have seen things to cause doubt), politicians and an uninformed public are busy pissing away our Bill of Rights an inch at a time right here at home.  I went online to find my own Molon Labe shirt and a Gadsden flag shirt and found a limited and unimpressive selection on the world wide web.  So I decided to get my buddy Cameron, (who I’ve been friends with since 3rd grade) and create some new designs that would raise the bar for some of the more popular Liberty oriented clothing designs.  Cameron had some great artists who also created some of the designs for Affliction and they put our thoughts on paper for the first 3 of our designs.

“Molon Labe” is great for any 2A enthusiast who recognizes how much the federal government is encroaching on our God given right to defend ourselves and ensure the rest of our Bill of Rights is upheld.   Our “Don’t Tread on Me” design is just a more aggressive spin on the original Gadsden Flag design.   The “Lady Justice” is a complete original by us reflecting my feelings on how our legal system isn’t a Justice system.  Hitler never broke a law while he was ruling.  He simply passed laws to make what he did “legal”.   Our legal system should be upholding what is morally right, not what is legal.  There is a subtle but profound difference.  So Lady Justice is looking a bit haggard, is up to her ankles in money, which decides who will be punished and how little.  You also have a few pages of our Bill of Rights blowing around in the wind like the forgotten and unimportant documents our political class treat them as.  This company is our way of getting out our message with the help of like minded patriots who care about what this country is suppose to represent.  Freedom.  Justice.  The PURSUIT of happiness, not a guarantee in the form of a government handout!  I firmly believe we have the best art and material on the market today.



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