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Constitutional carry – coming soon to your state?

January 24, 2012

the gun wire

Okay, I’m sure I’m not the only one, but recently I’ve noticed a trend in reporting on states considering constitutional carry.  Any of you noticed that?  It makes sense, with all the news about gun sales going through the roof, women taking up firearms, etc.

It is obvious that certain lawmakers see the trend in this country, and realize that a lot of us want constitutional carry…you know, the ability for the legal gun possessor to basically strap on and go without having to fill out paperwork and ask for permission to do so.  Where the only reason to apply to the state for a license is so that you can carry in other states.  Constitutional carry is a thing of beauty.  Many of these lawmakers know there is no chance in their state…but still make the effort…and some of these lawmakers have been making the effort, even if it we don’t hear about it.

Some call their efforts sincere.  Some call it pandering to the base.  Either way, it is obvious that times are changing and we may see a more serious push from many of these lawmakers to bring home what the people want.

After a quick search on the gun wire., I came up with the following stories on constitutional carry (I apologize if any of the links are no longer valid):

Colorado constitutional carry

the constitutional carry proposal failed on January 23.

Virginia constitutional carry

Kentucky constitutional carry

South Dakota constitutional carry

…although, South Dakota lawmakers recently shot that down

New Hampshire constitutional carry

Georgia constitutional carry

Tennessee constitutional carry

Montana constitutional carry

Illinois constitutional carry (yeah right)

That’s a lot of state lawmakers flirting with the idea.  Of course, we’ve got Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, and Wyoming – all of which show us that constitutional carry works.

Wikipedia on constitutional carry says that parts of Montana have constitutional carry, and that other states considering the same are South Carolina, Virginia, Maine, and Iowa.

Personally, I hope the trend continues.  Being in California, there is no reason for me to hold my breath.  But we may move the family at some point, and moving to a state where freedom rings is very palatable.

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