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Dropping by to chat with Bush 43 with a gun in the car…what’s this all about?

January 24, 2012

the gun wire

Bush 43's pad.

So, as we all know by now, a man with a gun in his car dropped by Bush 43’s north Dallas pad to chat with the man.  According to one story, the man had told Secret Service operatives that he had a gun in a nearby vehicle.  The man had a permit and his “answers checked out,” so he was let go.  From the way this story is presented, it seems the man was on foot, and made it past the gate.

Another story reads as follows:

WASHINGTON — George W. Bush’s Secret Service bodyguards questioned then released a man who dropped by the former president’s Dallas, Texas home uninvited with a firearm in his vehicle, an official said Tuesday.

“An individual showed up at the former president’s residence. He wasn’t invited or expected. Our agents interviewed him, along with Dallas police. He was ultimately released,” said Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan.

“During the interview he admitted he was a licensed gun carrier and had a gun in his vehicle,” Donovan told AFP by telephone. “He was still sent on his way.”

Bush was not at home, according to a spokesman for his office.

An official familiar with the US Secret Service’s procedures said it was “not unusual for individuals to show up at our facilities” and that the agency questions people “on a daily basis” but added “what was unusual here was that he had a firearm in his vehicle.”

“The firearm was secured in his vehicle… it wasn’t on the dashboard or anything,” said the official, who requested anonymity.

The possibly mentally disturbed man claimed he received a message from Bush that was “conveyed spiritually” and had come to pick up a package, Fox 4 News reported citing unnamed sources.

So, it is not unusual for people to come around, but to come around with a gun, a little suspect.  I’d agree.  Particularly when the person claims that Bush “conveyed spiritually” to him that he had to come by and pick up a package.

This story says that the man was in his 40s or 50s, and that he tried to follow a vehicle through the gate.

In the end, it seems like a lot of nothing.  And from the comments of the Secret Service agent, this situation is routine.  Everything about it, except for the gun.



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