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Excellent movie gun scene of the day: Dirty Harry

March 25, 2012

Do you feel lucky, punk?  (be sure when you click to watch the video, click the “YouTube” symbol on the clip below to open a separate window.  The site refresh will interrupt your viewing it otherwise.  Thanks)

This is the scene that started it all for Dirty Harry.  A franchise that cemented the .44 Magnum as one of the most celebrated guns in pop culture.  And further solidified Clint Eastwood as a badass.

Watching this scene made me wonder if this movie could be made today.

the gun wire

Dirty Harry

For openers, having a black man say “I gots to know” would certainly tie certain people’s panties in knots.  But, that this line is somewhat derogatory was intentional and is not unique in the big scheme of things when considering the Dirty Harry franchise.  As we all know, Dirty Harry movies played heavily on exploiting racial and sexual stereotypes, as Dirty Harry’s character was very politically incorrect…

Just like his gun.



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