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Excellent movie gun scene of the day: Taxi Driver

March 24, 2012

As a blogger who tries to keep the posts up to date, it’s difficult for me to find the time to actually discuss the issues at hand.  And, when I find myself able to post an entry, I find that I’d prefer it to be something quick and easy, not in-depth and overly analytical.

the gun wire

Travis Bickle

So, to have a little fun, I thought an entry every so often of a kick-ass ‘gun scene’ from a movie might just hit the spot.

As it happens, I’m sitting at home right now, sipping The Laphroaig and watching Taxi Driver.  This is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I could watch it just about any time, without being bored.  It’s an American classic, and is as relevant today as it was in 1977.  Or so.

This movie has plenty of excellent gun scenes, but tonight I thought I’d highlight the scene where Travis Bickle tools himself up with the help of a little black market twig named ‘Easy Andy’.  Here’s the clip:

Travis is intent on getting some really good shit.  He and Easy Andy meet up in a loft in what appears to be New Jersey.

Travis immediately asks for a .44 Magnum.  It seems he’s intent on that gun, above all others.

The second gun he considers is a .38 Snubnose.  This is the gun he aims out the window and focuses the sights on random street people having a discussion in a city park.

He then considers the Colt .25 and the .380 Walther.  The .380 is the ‘little honey.’  He ends up buying everything, along with a beautiful handmade Mexican holster.

He pays:

$40 for the holster

$350 for the Magnum

$250 for the .38

$125 for the .25

$150 for the .380.

He turns down the dope, hash, meth, uppers, the crystal meth, the Cadillac with the pink slip for two grand…

There are many things that I enjoy about this scene, but in particular, I find the part where Travis points the gun towards random, innocent and unaware people while Easy Andy is talking very disturbing.  It sort of reinforces the randomness of life, where you never know when, and you never know where.  That nowhere is safe…

–  T



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