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Excellent movie gun scene of the day: The Untouchables

April 5, 2012

the gun wire

The Untouchables

Can anyone deny that this is anything less than an awesome movie?  I didn’t think so.  I saw The Untouchables in the theater back in the day, and I like it as much now as I did back then.  Even if it is Kevin Costner.  This was one of his better movies.  Robert DeNiro was pretty good, too, although, I don’t think this is even close to one of his best movies.

The gun scene is the climatic scene towards the end of the movie at the train station where the boys are off to keep Al Capone’s men from moving the bookkeeper out of town.  I’ll not ruin it with a bunch of talk about how great it is.  Here it is, enjoy it for yourself:



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