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Gangsta Obama takes down McDonalds in Florida.

February 2, 2012

Gangsta Obama robbed a McDonalds in Rivera Beach, Florida on Saturday.

the gun wire

Obama mask

Here’s a link to the story – Gangsta Obama

Gangsta Obama gripped his gat ever so menacing as he approached the counter, as seen in the larger photo below.

It’s difficult to tell what he is doing with this left hand, but it has to be one of two things:  first, he has on pants that sit below his waistline and he’s trying to hold them up…or, he’s got gun in one hand and his Johnson in the other.

He’s 6 feet tall and 170 lbs, so with the mask, pulling off a Gangsta Obama routine isn’t too hard.

While the real Obama has stolen a lot more, Gangsta Obama only made off with $1000.  In addition to the money he likely gets from the government each month, it seems February might be a good month, financially, for Gangsta Obama.

Here’s the surveillance photo of Gangsta Obama.

the gun wire

Gangsta Obama



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