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I’m doing my bit, sitting at Starbucks working on ‘the gun wire.’…

February 14, 2012

That’s right.  Today is the big day.  Starbucks should be feeling the effects of the boycott by the anti-gunners (and gay crowd, too).  I can tell you this – I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Newport Beach and the line is long, the lounge is full.  I don’t see any protestors.  I don’t see anybody whining.  I don’t see anyone holding a lit candle.  Nobody tried to talk to me when I walked into the place.  Nobody tried to get me to sign something.  The typical idiots that stand in front of places with clipboards and unwashed hair were nowhere to be seen.

the gun wire

the gun wire

From what I can gather, the boycott is a big fail.

Now, I don’t know if any pro-gunners are here, besides me.  I haven’t seen any typical marks of identification, such as a Magpul shirt, or a LaRue hat, or some other item of clothing that would lead me to believe I was in good company.  No ‘Infidel’ shirts, either.

And because I’m in California, I don’t expect to see any openly carried guns.  To do so with a handgun would be illegal.  Although, you can still openly carry an unloaded long gun here, for now.  Although, in Newport Beach, someone would have a fit, for sure.

Anyway, the crowd is nonstop here at the location I’m at.  Nonstop.  Person after person after person.  Everyone is smiling.  People are having a good time.

Honestly, I didn’t expect anything different.

However, I will say this – the location I’m at is just around the corner from my favorite cigar lounge.  I can’t wait until they open the damn door over there – I’d rather be smoking a stogie and feeding news to ‘the gun wire.’ than sitting here at Starbucks.




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