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Interesting historical events occurring on March 13…

March 12, 2012

March 13.  Tuesday.  We’ve had 73 days of 2012, with 293 days left.  Anyone recall why we’ve not had only 72 days this year, which, by March 13, is the norm?

Anyway, here’s what I found interesting for today regarding American history or other history I felt compelled to include…

the gun wire

John Holmes

1639 – Harvard College is named for clergyman John Harvard.

1781 – William Herschel discovers Uranus.  And from then, the jokes begin.  About Uranus.

1862 – American Civil War: The U.S. federal government forbids all Union army officers to return fugitive slaves, thus effectively annulling the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and setting the stage for the Emancipation Proclamation.

1865 – American Civil War: The Confederate States of America agree to the use of African American troops.

1897 – San Diego State University is founded.

1925 – Scopes Trial: A law in Tennessee prohibits the teaching of evolution.

1930 – The news of the discovery of Pluto is telegraphed to the Harvard College Observatory.

1933 – Great Depression: Banks in the U.S. begin to re-open after President Franklin D. Roosevelt mandates a “bank holiday“.

1938 – World News Roundup is broadcast for the first time on CBS Radio in the United States.

the gun wire

Susan B. Anthony

1938 – Anschluss of Austria to the Third Reich.

1943 – World War II: In BougainvilleJapanese troops end their assault on American forces at Hill 700.

1943 – The HolocaustGerman forces liquidate the Jewish ghetto in Kraków.

1964 – American Kitty Genovese is murdered, reportedly in view of neighbors who did nothing to help her, prompting research into the bystander effect.

1969 – Apollo programApollo 9 returns safely to Earth after testing the Lunar Module.

1991 – The United States Department of Justice announces that Exxon has agreed to pay $1 billion for the clean-up of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.

1997 – The Phoenix lights are seen over Phoenix, Arizona by hundreds of people, and by millions on television.

2003 – Human evolution: The journal Nature reports that 350,000-year-old footprints of an upright-walking human have been found in Italy.

2008 – Gold prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange hit $1,000 per ounce for the first time.


1921 – Al Jaffee, American cartoonist

1950 – Charles Krauthammer, American political commentator

1950 – William H. Macy, American actor

1964 – Will Clark, American baseball player

Death days…

1842 – Henry Shrapnel, British soldier and inventor (b. 1761)  Click on Henry, he’s sort of the man behind shrapnel – like the shit that hits you in many hot little pieces when something detonates.

1906 – Susan B. Anthony, American women’s suffrage activist (b. 1820)

1938 – Clarence Darrow, American attorney (b. 1857)

1988 – John Holmes, American porn star (b. 1944)




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