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Interesting historical events that occurred on April 16…

April 15, 2012

Monday, April 16.  Here’s what we’ve got in history today:

1818 – The United States Senate ratifies the Rush-Bagot Treaty, establishing the border with Canada.

1862 – American Civil War: The Battle at Lee’s Mills in Virginia.

1862 – American Civil War: The District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act, a bill ending slavery in the District of Columbia, becomes law.

1863 – American Civil War: The Siege of Vicksburg – ships led by Union Admiral David Dixon Porter move through heavy Confederate artillery fire on approach to Vicksburg, Mississippi.

1881 – In Dodge City, KansasBat Masterson fights his last gun battle.

the gun wire

Natural Bridges National Monument

1908 – Natural Bridges National Monument is established in Utah.

1912 – Harriet Quimby becomes the first woman to fly an airplane across the English Channel.

1941 – World War II: The Italian convoy Duisburg, directed to Tunisia, is attacked and destroyed by British ships.

1941 – Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians throws the only Opening Day no-hitter in the history of Major League Baseball, beating the Chicago White Sox 1-0.

1945 – The United States Army liberates Nazi Sonderlager (high security) prisoner-of-war camp Oflag IV-C (better known as Colditz).

1945 – More than 7,000 die when the German refugee ship Goya is sunk by a Soviet submarine torpedo.

1947 – Texas City Disaster: An explosion on board a freighter in port causes the city of Texas City, Texas, to catch fire, killing almost 600.

1947 – Bernard Baruch coins the term “Cold War” to describe the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union.

1962 – Walter Cronkite takes over as the lead news anchor of the CBS Evening News, during which time he would become “the most trusted man in America”.

1963 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. pens his Letter from Birmingham Jail while incarcerated in Birmingham, Alabama for protesting against segregation.

1972 – Apollo program: The launch of Apollo 16 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

1990 – The “Doctor of Death”, Jack Kevorkian, participates in his first assisted suicide.

2007 – Virginia Tech massacre: The deadliest spree shooting in modern American history. Seung-Hui Cho, kills 32 and injures 23 before committing suicide.


1889 – Charlie Chaplin, English actor and filmmaker (d. 1977)

1921 – Peter Ustinov, English actor (d. 2004)

1927 – Edie Adams, American actress (d. 2008)

1947 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, American basketball player


1946 – Arthur Chevrolet, Swiss-born race car driver and automobile designer (b. 1884)

1947 – Rudolf Höß, commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp (b. 1900)

1994 – Ralph Ellison, American writer (b. 1913)

2002 – Robert Urich, American actor (b. 1946)




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