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NSSF: “More gun owners need to vote.” I don’t know about you, but I’m not finding it that easy.

March 6, 2012

You’ve just got to wonder what the Hell is going on, here.  We’ve got the worst possible scenario in Washington right now with a president that totally sucks, the economy in the shitter, and with no end in sight.

the gun wire

This is the best we can do?

I do realize that we’re coming out of it.  Or so the talking heads say.

So, when I’m hanging out in my cigar shop of choice down in Newport Beach, I’m constantly asked by a buddy or two if I’ve finally come around and decided to vote this year.  I usually don’t answer, or dismiss it with an “eh” or some other negative sound.

But, I always think about it after they ask me.

I was first able to vote in 1988.  And I did.  It wasn’t until Bob Dole that I had a dirty feeling about voting.  I liked Dole, as a serviceman, as a man serving the country.  I didn’t like the idea of him as president, but I voted anyway.

Naturally, I voted for Bush, twice.  If he could run again, I’d vote for him again.  That doesn’t mean I liked everything he did.  I didn’t.  But I think history will be good to him, and I think at the end of the day he did a pretty good job.

Then we have McCain.  It’s very difficult to discuss McCain without dropping a bunch of f-bombs, so I’ll just say that I did vote for him.  It was like taking a bite out of a giant shit sandwich.  But I did it.

Between McCain and Dole, and now whoever we get out of the current primary mess – I’m tired of having to take a bite out of a giant shit sandwich.

So now I’m in this dilemma…can I bring myself to do it again?  Vote for someone I can’t stand just so we don’t get the other day.  I’m really worn out with having to do that, quite honestly.

A year ago, I would never have imagined the GOP field being what it is today, with the primaries going as they have.  I’m so sick of it I could vomit.

Without getting into establishment v. grass roots and all that, and just trying to simplify things, one has to wonder – why the f can’t we get a decent conservative candidate anymore?

It’s driving me nuts.

Then I come across this article from the NSSF about voting.  Well, it’s not really about voting.  It’s about their voter guide and voter resource.  Which I think is a great idea.

But the headline had me thinking about ‘more gun owners need to vote.’  And I thought about how the idea of taking that big bite and voting for Romney will make me feel.  And I think of all you, and many of you must feel the same way.

And I try to numb myself to the idea that voting for him will be okay, it’s the only choice we have, etc.

And then I think – I’m in California.  My vote won’t matter anyway.

And then I always return to the one issue that I think means more than anything – who gets to stack the Supreme Court

There are going to be TWO likely openings – maybe even three.  And that’s not counting someone who isn’t expected to retire dying in a car accident, or choking on a slice of steak, or some other tragedy.

And I’m really trying to sell myself on the idea of voting for Romney because at least it’s not Obama selecting more justices.

And then I think that Romney, if given the chance to pick justices, will just screw it up with people who suck.

I’m so ready to quit thinking of this kind of crap…



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