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Nye County, Ron Paul, and people in the street with a message…

February 4, 2012

I found this article interesting today.  First, I’ve been to Nye County a bunch.  And not for the prostitution.  Or the racetrack.  Or the off-road sporting.  I’ve done a lot of shooting out there over the years.  I’ve got a lot of friends out at Pahrump, and have grown fond of the town over the years.

The town sits in the shadow of Las Vegas, just over “the hump.”  There isn’t a whole lot going on in Pahrump, which is about the only town in Nye County.  About the only things in Pahrump that draw crowds is the Wal Mart and the local post office.  Both are always busy.  I think the official uniform of Pahrump, for men and women, fat, thin, hairy, saggy, fit, whatever – is the tank top.  You lack serious street cred if you aren’t in a tank top.

Well, I could go on and on about Pahrump, but this commentary is about the article I linked to above.  Even when it’s not campaign season, the main drag where 372 and 160 cross is always a beehive of protest.  If I’m not mistaken, just about year-round there is a man (or woman) dressed as the Statue of Liberty walking up and down with a sign.  And this person isn’t trying to draw you into the tax office.  This person is protesting high taxation or something like that.

As for Ron Paul supporters with signs, they are out there just about year round, too.  From time to time, I’m in Pahrump once a month.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  But there are always people around the 372/160 crossroads with something to say.

the gun wire

Armed Ron Paul Supporter...not rare in Pahrump.

And this article talks about the open carry of guns by the Paul supporters.  Well, Nevada allows open carry.  Open carry is very, very common in Pahrump.  I go everywhere with a gun openly carried on my hip.  While I prefer concealed carry, I can do that at home in California where I’m fortunate enough to have a license.  But I can’t open carry in California, so it is somewhat liberating to openly carry in Pahrump.  I remember the first time I walked into that Wal Mart with my gun, or the Bank of America.  I also remember walking into K-7 Pizza and a bunch of off-duty LEOs were sitting there when I walked in – they saw my gun, didn’t think anything of it.

I’ve never seen anything in any other town I’ve ever been to where people protest/show support year-round, every year…election or no election.  This story may read to some like this is something special – in Pahrump, aside from the presence of Ron Paul himself, this sort of thing is commonplace.



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