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Reporter questions why 65-year-old man, a victim of a violent assault, had ‘heater’

January 26, 2012

Here is yet another story where a reporter just doesn’t get it.

Apparently, a 65-year-old man was riding his bike on a trail in Pennsylvania, minding his own business and having a nice day, when three teens come out of nowhere and assault him in an attempted robbery.  Fortunately, the old man has some sense of self-preservation, and realizes that things can go wrong just about anywhere.

As the three men beat him, he ultimately gets his gun out, shooting and killing one man, and wounding another.

I’ve linked to several stories on the home page.  Here they are:

Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

So, “Story 3” is the story I’m referring to when I say that the reporter questions why the old man would be armed while riding on a bike trail.

The reporter asks:

Who carries a gun while riding a bike?

First off, the story answers that question for him.  Apparently, this old man carries a gun while riding his bike.  And I bet anything he is thankful that he had his gun.  He has probably been carrying it for years, just like many of us do, and hoping he’ll never have to use it.  But, he has it just in case he does have to use it.

the gun wire

bike with a 'heater'

Well, the reporter then goes on to answer his own question for us.  He has encountered other riders, some of which were women, who admitted to packing a ‘heater’ and showing surprise that he didn’t pack a heater.

The reporter then boasts about his travels around the world on a bike without having had to pack a heater, but you have to wonder…did he even stop to think once, in light of the story that he’s reporting on, that it might be unwise to venture off onto trails without packing a heater?  I dunno, seems to be this story would enlighten the reporter as to one very good reason to take such action.



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