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Sorry for the headline/picture snafu this a.m…

June 14, 2012

We were using the automated headline updater for this morning’s headline about the Minnesota DNR’s plans, and we checked and double-checked it last night and everything seemed a-okay.  Wake up this morning and look at the site on my iPhone and immediately noticed that the picture didn’t jive with the headline – the headline about L.A. guns being turned into art – the last headline.  Anyway, a review of the automated headline updater revealed no bugs, but there was a bug, as that has never happened before – where it updated the photo but not the headline.

And being that we are in California, and we set the updater for 4am, and didn’t discover the error until 6am, it was like that for 2 hours….ugh.

Anyways, if you were online that early, our apologies.  We’ll be trying to figure out what went wrong.

As always, thank you for reading.  We greatly appreciate it…

Todd @ the gun wire


the gun wire

the gun wire



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