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Student didn’t know the gun was in his lunchbox! Expelled and jailed? Come on…

February 8, 2012

Here’s the brief story I’m referring to this time…  Weapon in lunchbox.

Okay, I’m kind of pissed today.  I just read this article minutes ago and think to myself, wtf man?  This is absolutely absurd.

the gun wire

Weapon free zone.

Apparently, some kid in Louisiana goes to school with a gun in his lunchbox – a gun he knew nothing about.  Seems his mother hid a gun in the lunchbox some time ago, and forgot about it.

Details are thin on this story.  Did the mom mistakenly give the kid the lunchbox thinking it had a lunch she had just prepared in it?  Did the kid open the lunchbox before going to school, giving him notice that the gun is in the lunchbox?

But, looking over the details we do have, it seems a kid who knew nothing about what was inside his lunchbox was expelled and jailed.  Really uncool.  This kind of thing can screw up this kid for a long, long time.  And, again, going with the few details we have, seems he had no knowledge of this gun in the lunchbox.  This sets a very bad precedent for kids everywhere.

I’m very unhappy about this situation based on what this story gives us to consider.

Why isn’t the mother in jail, and the kid with the father?  Or with child services?

What an injustice.



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