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Wow! Assault rifles are used for hunting and target practice? Say what?

February 2, 2012

Yesterday, when we posted this article, we didn’t read too deep into the article – and we should have.  The article discusses an assault rifle being stolen from a city councilwoman’s house.  Gloria de la Rosa – a democrat.  In California.  No way, right?  Well, yes way.

Anyway, according to an article today, the weapon is an “AK-47/SKS variant” with a 30-round detachable magazine.  Uh-oh.  That sounds like felony charges.  Or should be felony charges.  We’ll have to see, won’t we?

This sounds like the AK pictured to the right.

the gun wire


But further down in the article, it says:

Rosa said the gun does not belong with her, and was legally purchased by her daughter and son-in-law.

The councilwoman added that her daughter and son-in-law used the weapon for hunting and target practice.

This quote is interesting.  First, it doesn’t matter if the gun belongs with her. If it was in her home, she has a situation on her hands.  She says it was legally purchased by her daughter and son and law.  The article says it came from Arizona.  So it wasn’t legally purchased in California, and it sound like it was illegally brought into California.

Furthermore, I thought Democrats thumb their nose at the notion that an AK-47 with a 30 round magazine isn’t for hunting or target practice – their position is that it’s just for killing humans.  Or at least until one is found in their home.  In a state where it’s illegal to possess both the gun and the magazine.  Each is a separate felony.

Interestingly enough, in 2006, her son was shot in the back in the driveway of her residence, as a possible gang shooting.

This whole thing stinks.  Let’s hope charges are brought.  The police have stated that they’ll hold off pressing charges when they recover the weapon, if they do…



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Jay Dee February 3, 2012 at 5:36 am

Oh, it’s ok. She gets a free pass because she’s a Democrat.


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