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You couldn’t make this up if you tried: Statue of Liberty mascot helps foil biggest armed robbery fail ever.

January 30, 2012

Check out this story from the DailyFinance.

So, a man named Isaac Underwood is one of those sign slingers we’ve all seen out on the street corner.  He is the mascot for Liberty Tax Services in Toledo.

the gun wire

Apparently on Thursday evening, a pair of masked thieves came in to rob the place.  Instead of using a real gun, they faked it, with one of them holding a curling iron under a washcloth.  What losers.

It gets better.  The robbers went in just before closing time, thinking they would have the place to themselves.  But they were wrong – they found there were other customers waiting.  So they sat down and removed their masks to wait for their turn.  When the other customers left, and it was their turn, they put the cloths back over their faces.

It gets better again.  The first employee thought their “gun” was real, so she began to get money out that was demanded by the duo.  When another employee called the bluff on the fake gun, the first employee refused to hand over the money.  The woman then gave her partner the order to “shoot her.”  The partner was stunned, as told by one of the employees, as he didn’t know what to do – they had not planned out what to do if they were refused money.

At that point, a scuffle took place with random objects, such as the curling iron, a chair, and a nearly-full Pepsi bottle “aimed at the forehead” (who’s forehead isn’t clear).  During the scuffle, the woman-robber grabbed $280 in bills and ran out of the location with her partner.

When Underwood, the tax mascot, realized what was going on, he took off his crown and chased after the pair of robbers.  He was unable to catch them, but one of the robbers has been identified and a warrant has been issued.  And this is the second time Underwood has chased thieves in a tax mascot uniform – he chased down a pair who robbed a fast food eatery last year.



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