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YouTube: VIDEO: 5 Star Firearms Speed Loaders

September 27, 2013

YouTube: VIDEO: 5 Star Firearms Speed Loaders



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TheDaywalkersDad September 27, 2013 at 8:36 pm

I generally use semi autos for fun, CCW, and home defense. I do have revolvers in my home, and sometimes carry a Ruger LCR instead of my usual Kahr CW9. Most of the time, I buy HKS speedloaders for my revolvers and they work pretty well. I generally have no complaints about them.
I didn’t, however, like how the HKS speedloaders worked in my LCR. You could get the rounds lined up with the chambers, but it took more work than is normal. These were the usual speedloaders for J frames (if HKS has since released a model just for the LCR then disregard the earlier comments).
I discovered the 5 Star Speedloaders about two years ago, and I can’t tell you how much better they work in my Ruger. I’d highly recommend them for this gun.
At $25 each, they are pricier than what I usually buy but I think that it was worth it for the LCR.


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