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YouTube: VIDEO: Black Folk Don’t: Join the NRA

January 9, 2014

YouTube: VIDEO: Black Folk Don’t: Join the NRA



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MrApple January 9, 2014 at 7:26 am

The ignorance of the lion’s share of people in this video is astounding. They fail to recognize the NRA’s role in trying to overturn the discriminatory gun laws of the Jim Crow South (put there by Democrats). The part about MLK Jr. being denied a concealed carry permit for his safety in 1956 was truly telling. The woman makes an incomprehensible leap of MLK’s denial in Jim Crow era Alabama (Democrat) to the NRA not wanting Black people to be legally armed. I guess in this woman’s mind 2+2=5; fuzzy logic is the only explanation for such a mental leap. And did I hear right in this video that Black people are big proponents of illegally obtained firearms? I have no words to even attempt to explain that one.

These people should spend some time reading and wise up to the system of control they seemingly support.
And they should also watch the video “No guns for negroes”.


Vic January 9, 2014 at 10:51 am

Watch the whole video, hopefully the black community realizes that the 2A applies to them as well and that they are being denied their rights by a bunch of progressive control freaks (totalitarians).


Justme January 10, 2014 at 12:57 am

This video makes me a little angry. Listening to mindless babble often has that effect on me. The vid above isn’t at all surprising. I know a lot of Black people, and almost all of them would have said the same things. Most of the Black men and women that I know own guns. They just don’t care about fighting to keep them. They certainly won’t pay $25 per year in membership dues to an organization that doesn’t believe that Barack Obama isn’t, “The One.”

I’m going to share a few stories. Some will no doubt think my anecdotes and comments are racist. That doesn’t trouble me. Is there anything that’s not considered racist in today? The weather and the tides are perhaps the last two things that haven’t been declared racist on MSNBC.

So here are my anecdotes involving Black people. They don’t necessarily involve guns, but they do deal with the mindset in the community (at least in my area).
I had an old Black woman tell me that she was scared of Romney/Ryan in the last election because they might cut Medicare. I reminded her that the only person running for President that cut Medicare was Barack Obama. She got a look of worry on her face, and then simply said, “He didn’t do that.” Now this woman was either very uninformed, or simply blindly loyal. I suspect it was both. She couldn’t accept or admit that Obama wasn’t perfect. It’s an all in or all out proposition. BHO has to be the 2nd coming of Christ, and Romney was some racist version of Hitler and the Antichrist.

I had a Black gun owner (he has an assault weapon and hi cap 9mm) tell me that he didn’t agree with Obama’s desire to ban assault weapons, and hi capacity magazines. I said that was great, and then asked him what he was willing to do about it. I pulled up the link that Ruger kindly provided for us to contact our politicians, and offered to let him make his opinion known. He got a look of fear on his face, and claimed that he would do it at home. This Army veteran was afraid to show any dissent. He wasn’t afraid of the President actually calling him up about a form letter. The fear came from possibly having other Black people see him not support the Democrats in every regard.

I don’t know one Black person that contacted a politician when the gun bans were being debated. Not one.

I had another Black man ask me to teach his wife how to shoot. He stated that they both wanted their CCW permits, and then said that he supported Obama’s efforts to bring back the AWB. Bear in mind that he owns a Hi Point, and knows that I have AR15s and Glocks. He asked me to help him and his wife with gun stuff while telling me that he supports the President taking away my rights (and possibly property). I declined to take this gentleman and his wife to the range.

I know a Black gun collector that has over $20,000 in firearms. That’s probably a low estimate. This is a direct quote from him about Obama before the election, “He’ll be OK on guns.” It was obvious that he didn’t believe this when I heard him say it. He just couldn’t admit that Obama (and the Dems to a lesser degree) is not perfect in everything.

There are two major causes for the views expressed in the video.

Most Blacks (that I know) get all of their news from MSNBC, or some brief morning radio babble. MSNBC isn’t a news network anymore. 85% of their programming is opinion and propaganda. Most of their viewers (of all races and ages) cannot tell the difference between news and opinion. The hosts (I can’t call them journalists) tell their audience what they want to hear, and their loyal viewers continue to tune in. In the case of African-Americans, it’s that everything is about racism.
None of them (in my little circle) have ever been on the NRA’s website, or actually watched FOXNEWS. They know what they know about the Right and the NRA from what they’re told on MSNBC. They have no direct experience, and are happy to digest any info that fits their world view. MSNBC just reinforces the stereotypes that they want to believe.
I had one older gentleman tell me that militias are the biggest threat to our nation. I asked him to provide me with some numbers regarding their yearly body count, and offered to pull up some FBI stats on race and murder. He literally started screaming, and it’s probably no surprise that he neither provided any statistics or viewed the FBI table (49) that I pulled up.

I’ve had several Black aquaintances tell me that they get both sides of the news because they watch CNN and MSNBC.
Did you know that you can actually hurt yourself laughing?

The second problem is the lack of leadership in the Black community. They have race pimps, con men, and opportunists. They don’t really have any true civil rights leaders or organizations today. You don’t believe me? Look at how much time was spent on Zimmerman and a Rodeo Clown last year? Just consider how much air time and print these two stories got. Now think about how often you heard Holder, Obama, Jesse, Al, and the NAACP tell Black kids to stay in school, stay off of drugs, and stop making babies that they cannot afford. How many times did they address the horrible crime in the Black community while stating that it’s Blacks killing Blacks. The fools in the video above largely left that part out when talking about the death toll in their community. How many times have Black leaders addressed the AIDS rate in their community? How often do they mention that 75% of Black babies are born out of wedlock? I can go on and on. Compare the seconds of air time these issues get to the months of stories about Zimmerman.
As long as the Democratic Party keeps offering them freebies and excuses (every ill that you suffer is due to racism and the behavior of others) they will line up to support anyone with a (D) behind their name.
As long as they continue to get most of their information from a network that is essentially The Ministry Of Propaganda, they’ll remain uninformed and easily led.
It’s a shame that the truth is considered hate speech and racist.


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