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YouTube: VIDEO: BrassFetcher: Is buckshot lethal at 50 yards?

September 15, 2013

YouTube: VIDEO: BrassFetcher: Is buckshot lethal at 50 yards?



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mike fisher September 15, 2013 at 12:13 pm

Thanks for another fine test. Also congratulations on your new website design… much easier to use than the older one. Another
great load is the Federal #1 buckshot (15 pellets) flight control, in 12ga. that is being used by more and more leos. It puts all 15 shot on a torso target at 35yds! O.P. at “Box ‘o Truth” did some practical
test awhile back. He is a retired leo and very careful with his tests.
I read your discussion re the 9mm Ultra, etc. My edc is the Kahr
cm9 with a laserguard. I have tried several 115gr. jhp loads (+p) and found a couple that balance expansion and penetration, and allow fast follow up shots in that weapon in my hands. I think that anyone who might be trusting their life to a weapon/load owes it to themselves and others to go the extra 200rds or so to fine-tune their self defense combination. Besides, shooting stuff is fun! Thanks again, Mike.


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