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YouTube: VIDEO: BrothersKeepers111: Shooting Steel Case Ammo: Yes or No?

March 28, 2013

YouTube:  VIDEO:  BrothersKeepers111:  Shooting Steel Case Ammo: Yes or No?



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TheDaywalkersDad March 28, 2013 at 11:08 pm

I’ve been shooting steel cased Russian ammo for years without any real issues. I would rather not trust it for anything important such as home defense, but love it for plinking.
In the past, I’ve put a few thousand rounds of 9mm Silver Bear through a Kimber without any problems. Most of my handgun shooting is with 9mm’s and I’ve used a lot of Tulammo recently in a XDM and 24/7 OSS. The guns ran fine with the Tula but I have to say that I average about 1-2 misfires per box.
My AR’s eat Brown Bear, Silver Bear, Wolf, and Tula without any problems. After viewing Andrew’s test on LuckyGunner, I’ll probably keep a close watch on my round counts.
I’ll tell you about an experience that I had with 9mm Silver Bear a few years ago. My downstairs flooded in a hurricane and guess where my ammo was stored? In a footlocker on the bottom level. Most of my ammo was under water for at least 3 hours. It then spent a day on the back porch while I worked on getting my house back together. Some family members dried off the several thousand rounds of handgun, shotgun, and rifle ammo that was under water.
I spent the next year shooting that stuff up myself. A lot of misfires were expected. I had 3.
The 9mm Silver Bear was as reliable as the Remington, Blazer, Winchester, and Federal. I’ll be honest and tell you that I cannot even remember what brand had the 3 misfires. As the vast majority of my 9mm was Russian the odds are that it was the Silver Bear. I was very surprised that 3 hours under water didn’t ruin it all.
If you’re interested, none of the .38spl, .40S&W, .308, 12ga, or 20 ga ammo suffered too badly from the dunking. A couple of shotgun shells misfired. That’s it.
I have to say that in my experience, Tulammo is the worst of the Russian stuff that I’ve used. I’ll still buy it for casual shooting despite though. That’s especially true during the current ammo drought.


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