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YouTube: VIDEO: Glocks are Reliable? CAN YOU PROVE IT? #FateofDestinee

October 25, 2012

YouTube:  VIDEO:  Glocks are Reliable? CAN YOU PROVE IT? #FateofDestinee



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Ross October 25, 2012 at 5:33 pm

There are well documented durability fests online. For example:



atm October 26, 2012 at 5:24 am

Every major handgun has been run through the fabled “Glock tests” with similar results – zero malfunctions. Personal experience is that Glock reliability is no better or worse than XD, M&P, or HK. I have zero experience with FN, SIG, Ruger, or Hi Point pistols, so unlike others, I won’t pass judgement on guns I haven’t owned.

I think Glock advertising has focused on its reliability because it is really the only thing they have going for them. It’s an ugly gun with poor ergonomics. Accuracy is an afterthought – they have plastic sights for Christ’s sake! They became popular because they were reliable and very cheap to make (less than $200). This allowed them to cut steep discounts for law enforcement agencies, which assured that the bean counters adopted them over other options. And where law enforcement/military goes, civilian gun buyers follow.

There is nothing wrong with Glocks, but they are what they are – no more, no less.


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