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YouTube: VIDEO: Hickok45: Tisas 1911

December 12, 2013

YouTube: VIDEO: Hickok45: Tisas 1911



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wade September 30, 2014 at 8:09 pm

I’m a Viet Nam veteran and a retired police officer. I carried a .45 colt 1911 in Vietnam. I think it is one of the best pistols made. The design is awesome. Some of our police officers carried the 1911. When I first joined the police department we carried a revolver. Then we went to the 9mm. The 45 1911, in my opinion is the best.
I’ve enjoyed watching Hickok 45 shoot all kinds of firearms. I live in Summertown Tn.
I would like to meet Hickok 45 because I enjoy shooting firearms of all sorts.

WE have a shooting range in Summertown called Eagle eye, about 3 miles from my home.


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