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YouTube: VIDEO: James Yeager Clarifies His “Pack Your Bags” Video

January 14, 2013

YouTube:  VIDEO:  James Yeager Clarifies His “Pack Your Bags” Video



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MrApple January 15, 2013 at 3:47 am

Mr. Yeager may have gone over the top on his “Pack your bags” video. He has essentially retracted his statement once a clearer head took over. Let’s be honest most pro-gun people may feel the same way as Mr. Yeager but aren’t under the watchful eye of the government and/or media and don’t have their opinions plastered on the internet via a YouTube video. “Don’t cast stones if your own house is made of glass.” = Ben Franklin


John Adams January 15, 2013 at 8:04 am

Yeager is not a victim. He is the sole and deliberate author of his own troubles. Yeager issued death threats against unidentified people. He made a video of him uttering those threats. He posted the video of him uttering those threats on YouTube to be seen, and that is what happened. It was seen. By millions.

In his second video of the series, the would-be revolutionary doubled down, saying that it was not yet time to murder. That by a former Chief of Police!

No one in the Continental Army murdered anybody.

If as the result of his remarks the Tennessee government is paying close attention to Yeager, that’s a good thing.

Compare Yeager to Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln wrote a letter to General Meade after Gettysburg, bitterly criticizing him for not following up and finishing Lee. Afterward he went to sleep. The next day, he re-read the letter, folded it in an envelope, and stuck it in a cranny of his desk, where it was not found until after his death.

As a Chief of Police, Yeager demonstrated unsound thinking and poor judgment. As a special operator in Iraq, he allowed fear to get the better of him; betraying his comrades and killing two innocent people. With recent events, he chose to show us his past performance accurately indicates his present dilemma.

No good man should be fooled by Yeager. He is no honest and effective advocate of liberty and constitution. He is just a weakling and a crackpot.


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