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YouTube: VIDEO: James Yeager: You Have NO Right to Your Opinion

July 22, 2013

YouTube: VIDEO: James Yeager: You Have NO Right to Your Opinion

Not work safe.



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Dale July 22, 2013 at 8:04 pm


I shoot 1911’s. I like ’em. They work. They worked for the military after they torture tested them a hundred years ago and they worked in combat for 80 years. In the 30 years I’ve been shooting them in tactical classes and sport shooting competitions they have always worked. There was one time a pin broke on the sight but the gun functioned, the rear sight just flopped up and down while I was shooting. Guess I should have not had an adjustable rear sight. I learn.

I borrowed a 3rd Gen Glock for a local GSSF match from a friend who has Glocks because they always work and are simple and he can trust them because they don’t have safeties and switches and buttons which are too complicated in the real world. The damn gun jammed on every freaking stage at the Glock match. I guess that’s just Glock Perfection Garma biting me in the ass for shooting 1911s.

You can not make a scientific statement “1911s don’t work.” It is not scientific. Which 1911’s? Which manufacturers? Colt? Kimber? STI? SVI? S&W? Remington? Springfield? Norinco?

I’m sure you’ve seen many more than have I. Some brands may not work as well as others. In my limited experience, mine have always worked, even when sightly broken. Pardon the pun.


Steve Ramsey July 22, 2013 at 11:59 pm

Here’s what I think about your training Yeager.
Could care less.
Your opinion on 1911’s? Could care less.
Your opinion on my opinion? Could care less.
Your “scientific method”. Could care less.

The fact is James old boy, is that you don’t train ‘operators’ for the most part. If at all. You are “training” the average schmuck off the street. If they get into a fight, it’s likely going to be at three yards or less, and one to three rounds.

You see son, you are in the training racket, so you have to stretch things out a bit to make a buck. You COULD teach them what they need to know in a few hours but that wouldn’t make you a dime right? Your whole living is invested in bringing people in, making them believe they are going to have to take on a small army, and fire hundreds if not thousands of rounds.

The reality is James old fruit, the George Zimmerman incident. That is FAR more likely a scenario than any of your crawling in the dirt nonsense.

So to a large degree, you are simply teaching irrelevant information. Utterly useless in most defensive scenarios for most people.

Then some prosecutor is going to use YOUR videos, particularly ones where YOU, and your macho-bravado BS feature heavily, and beat some unfortunate student of yours like a rented mule with them.

For you James, I am going to buy a 1911. A short one. In .40. And it will be my EDC pistol.

The people that have trained me in the past, and will in the future are quiet, capable men. They don’t make videos or brag, or tell people to go fuck themselves. (or worse as you have illustrated many times.) They are professionals.

You aren’t.


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