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YouTube: VIDEO: Mark Kelly: I Don’t Know Who Breitbart Is

March 11, 2013

YouTube:  VIDEO:  Mark Kelly:  I Don’t Know Who Breitbart Is



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Brandon March 12, 2013 at 10:13 pm

This whole idea that Mr. Kelly is claiming regarding doing research on the ease of gun purchases is ludicrous. First, law abiding citizens without a criminal history or lack of some other limiting factor that desires to purchase a firearm should be able to do so in minutes. This ease of purchase surely would apply to someone in Mr. Kelly’s position having been an astronaut that likely possessed a high level security clearance and, I assume, has no criminal background. It certainly didn’t strike me as odd that he would be able to purchase a firearm without much trouble. What was surprising was the fact that the store owner didn’t refuse to complete his purchase based purely on the fact that his recent ideas threaten their future business. Perhaps what Mr. Kelly should be curious about is, “would the background check system allow someone with a criminal background or other limiting factors to complete the purchase that he made under the guise of research”. Do some research on a real problem, not on whether law abiding citizens can purchase a firearm. Of course we can, that is part of the idea that the 2nd Amendment is about.


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