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YouTube: VIDEO: Military Arms Channel: Assault Rifle vs. Sporting Rifle

December 30, 2012

YouTube:  VIDEO:  Military Arms Channel:  Assault Rifle vs. Sporting Rifle



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David W January 28, 2013 at 9:00 am

When you are trained in the Military you are told not to use Full Automatic, but to fire in 3 round bursts as Full Auto wastes too much ammunition. You can fire up to 45 rounds in a minute with the AR-15. So this argument is a mute point. It is and was designed to be lightweight weapon that does maximum damage quickly. It is not a sporting rifle it should be controlled and registering your guns should not be a problem. But if you think you are going to fight the US Government in some coup, have you missed the film of what the full armed might of our country can do? Good Luck.


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