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YouTube: VIDEO: MrColionNoir: Can you PULL THE TRIGGER and TAKE A LIFE?

November 23, 2012

YouTube:  VIDEO:  MrColionNoir:  Can you PULL THE TRIGGER and TAKE A LIFE?



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Killchain November 23, 2012 at 2:48 pm

To the question, Yes. Yes I can.


Art November 23, 2012 at 7:52 pm

I carry on and off duty in the security industry. In an off duty setting when I wasn’t expecting a bad guy with a gun, I encountered one. I wasn’t sure he was a bad guy, but he had a gun and muzzled me several times as he alternated between pointing his gun at my dog and trying to hide it from me. My gun was in my hand and ready to go, but I hesitated. I really thought I was prepared to pull the trigger, but I realized that I had not ever contemplated a situation such as this one… and I’ll admit I did think about how I would be ending someone’s child’s life. I was carrying a weapon that was not my usual carry weapon, and I hesitated to even put the safety off because I wasn’t comfortable that I could do so without him noticing and shooting me first. I was lucky, he decided to put his gun away. I beat myself up pretty good over it, and I’m counting it as a lesson learned. Don’t just think about the times when it’s clearly life or death. Think about the times when it could be the neighbor’s kid investigating a noise at night with poor muzzle safety training. Think about when you know you’re justified to shoot, but you could just wait for just that tiny bit more justification to know it was clearly you or him. As for the safety? I’d trained myself to always flip it to “fire” as I drew, but in the moment I wasn’t sure it was off and couldn’t pull enough attention away from his gun to focus on my safety. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of comments as to how stupid I was and how lucky I am to be alive. I’ll agree with you, but I wanted to share this because I thought I had already given pulling the trigger enough thought and I hadn’t.


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