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YouTube: VIDEO: MrColionNoir: San Antonio Open Carry Demonstration Response

September 4, 2013

YouTube: VIDEO: MrColionNoir: San Antonio Open Carry Demonstration Response



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cc99 September 4, 2013 at 3:36 pm

I was born/raised in Detroit, learned the ugly stuff early. Did a combat tour in ‘Nam, got a couple degrees. Retired from LE as a State Trooper, 40 years (FTO for years + advanced). Taught to shoot at 6 years old with a .22 e/Summer at a farm. Always an avid hunter.
Now I am a disabled Citizen (spine) and can walk about 4 hours twice per week + drive an hour (most days are 20 hours horizontal). I practice shooting as it is a ‘very’ perishable skill.
Love your ‘Intelligent’ vids. One subject to address is, “Will You Shoot”, if needed?
Tough ‘Mindset’, there. Many officers ‘CHOKE’. I would guess 20% of CCW folks would actually ‘Pull-The-Trigger’…… under ideal circumstances. It is just too difficult for most.
Maybe 10% would be more accurate?? Even new Marines ‘under-fire’ for the 1st time commonly ‘Choke’ and are shot.
How to expect John Q from the ‘burbs to perform after minimal CCW training?
I have seen few armed citizens fail at home if there firearm was handy (rare).
People (who have never even killed their own chicken for dinner) should be made aware of the incredibly slim chance they will have, in public.
This would be interesting to point-out and address.

Bottom Line: Everyone should be taught to safely shoot during their K-12 education and to Kill-Pluck-Dress and cook a chicken, before graduating.
Only then, could people intelligently discuss the difference between criminals and firearms.

This might stop the ‘Pop Tart Suspensions’, ‘Wearing Mom’s NRA T-Shirt Suspensions’, etc.
This ‘FEAR-OF-FIREARMS’ curriculum in our schools is endangering everyone, needlessly.
Oddly, the FBI Crime Stats continue to show more guns = less violence.
Today we have the lowest violent-crime rate in 40 years ….. and the MOST FIREARMS EVER in the hands of ‘good citizens’.
It is now becoming difficult to reduce ‘Violent-Crime’ due to the nearly unbelievable low Stats we have achieved. (except deadly ‘Gun-Free-Zones’, like Chicago).

Today, Anti-Gun is Pro-Violence. A most curious study in mass ignorance.


mr_pensive September 4, 2013 at 3:54 pm

This video is awesome!
CC99, tremendous insight! Thank you both.


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