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YouTube: VIDEO: MRCOLIONNOIR: The Universal Background Check Dog and Pony Show

March 29, 2013

YouTube:  VIDEO:  MRCOLIONNOIR:  The Universal Background Check Dog and Pony Show



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Darrell March 31, 2013 at 10:10 am

Mr. Colionnoir,
You really hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, too many Americans are asleep at the wheel these days or are distracted by their “toys” to care enough about what’s really going on. This is something everyone needs to be concerned about, including those that do not own guns. Look back at history with Stalin, Hitler, Chairman Mao, just to name a few. Once individuals are “checked out” and they start to register guns, they know exactly where to come and get them when the time is right.
Thank you for the succinct use of logic. Background checks already exist.


oatka March 31, 2013 at 1:19 pm

Nice job. Now, I’d like to see you expose the elephant in the living room – once every law-abiding citizen has to get the government’s OK to buy or transfer a firearm, all said government has to do is declare some kind of “emergency” (cough) and shut down the checks. Viola! An instant ban on further acquisitions – especially by those who thought the authorities would protect them and found out differently.

And who knows when the “emergency” will be lifted?


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