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YouTube: VIDEO: MrColionNoir: What gun show loophole?

April 10, 2013

YouTube:  VIDEO:  MrColionNoir:  What gun show loophole?



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G. Wiesman April 10, 2013 at 3:10 pm

Excellent way to put what really IS the truth out there! I argue this “BS,” regarding a “loophole.” left & right. It really is an agenda of the “anti-gunners” to try to have OUR, WE the peoples’, gun rights watered down and/or taken away! Registration does=ultimate confiscation. Many gun owners understand that, but some don’t! Esp. if it is not Feinstein’s law. Ugh!

Now Michelle Obama is talking about young people “not needing guns…” & to “…show them that that there is too much gun violence…” Keep children away from guns and they WILL be less likely to learn how to use them, and/or enjoy them! Then they will grow up and try to DEFINITELY destroy their 2nd amendment, allowing watering down of the Bill of Rights!

It is very sad my friend(s), very BAD! Note, I am a law abiding gun owner who has had to pull a gun, thank God I didn’t have to fire, only brandish a revolver, when a group of thugs came at my then-girlfriend. There were 5 of them, two of us & one 5 shot revolver between us! I’m glad I’d had training and that I have a Concealed Weapons License.

Had someone had to call 911, I’d be dead or have been beaten up; my then-girlfriend would’ve been raped and likely killed! I’ve argued my case with my Congressman and Senators. Oh, and I also went from a revolver up to a 15+1 shot Berretta 92FS. My argument against the 10 shot limit would be what if the “thugs” had had something more than knives, I was hurt, but my girlfriend would have to take over firing, especially with the revolver? Even a 10 shot pistol?

She was anti-gun, she changed.

In any case, good video, my friend! Very good video!


mark April 10, 2013 at 6:12 pm

What the media states is 40 % of ALL gun sales are private and don’t go through NICS. Which is correct. So lets support 2A and get rid of NICS. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


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