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YouTube: VIDEO: Piers Morgan Confronts Former Marine: Where Do More Guns Lead Us Other Than ‘Utter, Wild West Hell?’

January 8, 2013

YouTube:  VIDEO:  Piers Morgan Confronts Former Marine: Where Do More Guns Lead Us Other Than ‘Utter, Wild West Hell?’

Hat tip to Monderno for the find.



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zr1 January 8, 2013 at 9:52 pm

Quite impressed with Mr. Boston. Logical, factual, on task, didn’t get phased by the trick questions, brought up pertinent items when called for, countered each item passed his way, and stayed on the high road.

Meanwhile, Piers tried to play off anecdotes as logic (a logical fallacy), didn’t answer things that came his way, and used a redirect when cornered.

Piers couldn’t touch him.


Robert Lee January 9, 2013 at 2:29 am

Piers Morgan is from Venus and I am from Mars. Think about it, it is almost like we are from different planets. There are several questions I would like to ask Mr. Morgan.
1. Piers, at what age did you get your first rifle? I was 10 or 11
2. Piers, at what age did you get your first shotgun? I was 12
3. How about your first hand gun? It was a gift from my grandfather at 16
4. Did you ever take shotguns and rifles to school? We did all the time. We went hunting before school and after, we just left them in the trunk of our cars or in our trucks.
5. Can you believe to this very day my old high school still has a rifle team? Yes, high school boys and girls compete in marksmanship competition just like soccer, baseball and golf.
6. What television programs did you watch growing up? My family watched Gun Smoke, Bonanza, and the Rifleman. Yes there was the Wonderful World of Disney and Lawrence Welch but the last one made us leave the room.
7. Do you realize that Marine Corporal Boston had a rifle that helped keep him alive for years? He ate with it, slept with it, and even went to the bathroom with it. It is difficult to put that security blanket away especially when the laws of our Nation say you don’t have too, as an American you have that right. (Convicted Felons Excluded) If you would asked the people who have been in combat in Afghanistan they would tell you the M-4 type rifle they have is little wimpy for combat in that environment anyway.

Mr. Morgan, I have been a Deputy Sheriff for 32 years. For 32 years I have had a handgun on my belt, a shotgun within inches of my right shoulder in my car and, a rifle in the trunk of that car. I have worked for a small rural agency and one very large agency. In my 32 years of law enforcement, I have never shot anyone. I have investigated Murders, Rapes, Robberies, Home Invasions and the list goes on. I have never investigated a crime where an AR-15 or an AK-47 was the weapon of choice by the bad guys. I know it happens but it has to be rare if I have never encountered one of those cases to investigate. Because I had weapons, the threat of their use was usually enough to bring the situation under control. Bad guys like to go and commit crimes where they know there will be little or no resistance.

A quick internet search on mass shooting in the United States shows me that all but two of the suspects had confirmed mental health issues before the incidents. The powerful drug used to treat these people seems to be one of trial and error. That one did not work so, let’s try something else. I have had the training, power and authority to involuntarily commit people to mental health facilities. One day they seem fine and the next day or two after a change in medication they slit their own throats in front of co-workers. I am not a Doctor just a Deputy with a lot of experience. We need to be looking at the psychotropic drugs and the mental health facilities. I have seen people get straightened out, quit taking their meds or have them changed and go off the deep end, many times.

In reference to Newtown, people seem to forget the shooter was a grown man not a boy. To get the guns out of the house he did commit the first murder.

If you think the police are there to protect you, you are wrong. They take enforcement action when they see a violation of the law and investigate crimes after they have occurred. I can recall driving as fast as I could to an armed home invasion call. With lights and siren going it still took me 12 minutes to get there. If three men walked in the front door of a house what kind of terror and destruction do you think they could do in 12 minutes? Mr. Morgan, just walk out your front door and run for 12 minutes, you won’t believe how far you have gone.

The current “assault weapon ban” that our legislators are talking about is the wrong terminology. They should call it the sporting rifle and handgun ban because that is what the American people can purchase. The high capacity magazines are not, they are only standard capacity magazines. To obtain true assault weapons it would be a nightmare of regulations, paperwork and year long wait time for John Q. Public. They just don’t do it. “Laws are like fences”. They keep the good people in line. The bad people just go over or around them.

When any people are told “you can’t have that” it makes them want it even more than they did before. When pushed into a corner even a fluffy bunny will fight back. When some people retire they get the “gold watch” I get my 45 caliber Glock. Do you realize under some peoples plan, I could not even have this gun mounted in a shadow box with my medals and ribbons and leave it to my son after my death? Look at the guns sales of the last few months. Because of the economic situations, two wars and terrorist attacks, the people are not as trusting of their government as they once were. They know the government cannot protect them and the police cannot protect them. They think the government is taking enough of their money now, it’s coming after their property and rights as well.

I live in Florida where I believe we have a million concealed weapon permits. It seems to make people a little more polite and courteous. We have also been through hurricanes when food and water is problematic, not to mention electricity. In those times, the big mean guys from down the street run out of food and will take yours. What would you do Mr. Morgan?

Is this the Wild Wild West? No sir but, that was not that long ago. My father rode a horse to school at times. People are afraid should an incident cause a power outage or food and water shortage we will again be in the Wild Wild West. Wouldn’t it be great if the people were still polite and courteous if that happened?

Mr. Morgan I think some of our politicians like you, grew up on a different planet so to speak. There is this place between New York and California, South of Chicago called America. You should come and visit some time.


Robert G. Lee


Roger January 9, 2013 at 6:04 am

Mr Lee (and Mr. Boston, USMC Ret) OUTSTANDING.
Logic does not seem to work on the ideological “gun grabbers.” Their retort is always the same, “Guns kill. We need more laws. We want your guns.” As Mr Lee points out, and Boston alludes to, we really don’t see statistically significant murders with the AR type platform. Morgan says, “Oh, I understand people want to defend themselves and why not with a revolver or pistol?” … and shortly after we “allow” an AR Ban/Collection we WILL see “pistols” next. The real issue is criminals not being treated like criminals. Numerous ‘defenses’ of life and loved ones exist each year and little is ever made of that fact. Interviewed incarcerated felons indicate they ‘are scared of citizens with guns’, little is made of that fact either. Frankly, the frenzy by Local, State and Federal authorities to take away my firearms makes me ALL THE MORE UNWILLING TO RELINQUISH any… those authorities act in the face of fact, logic and reason and this makes me wonder just how ‘just’ and ‘statesman’ like they are and what is the REAL reason they are so all fired in a hurry to disarm Americans? I am not a conspiracy theorist but all the facts point to the truth… individuals diminished by ‘mental illness’, ‘pharmaceutical drugs’, ‘video, game, movie violence inculcated,’ and ‘absent proper parenting oversights’ are always the violators in these cases. Show me real and substantial efforts at weeding out these few (with compassion and understanding of their circumstances) and then talk about ‘disarming them! (not me!).’
But we know that government does not want “to let a good crisis go to waste” and we also know that historically those governments who make such sweeping efforts to disarm their populations, electorates on ALWAYS on the path to “no good” thereafter! Never giving up my few firearms…


Ken Warnshuis January 9, 2013 at 7:18 am

At least in this interview, Mr. Morgan didn’t scream that his opponent was a stupid, stupid, man.


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