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YouTube: VIDEO: PreventViolenceSF: Concealed Carry is Crazy

November 7, 2012

YouTube:  VIDEO:  PreventViolenceSF:  Concealed Carry is Crazy

I probably shouldn’t watch this crap – I’m still recovering from getting hit with a freight train that was last night’s election.



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Ken Soderstrom November 7, 2012 at 7:45 pm

The kid has a point. The only people carrying concealed in CA are politicians, movie stars and violent criminals. The latter group is by far the largest, and the state doesn’t make even make them apply for permits.


Mark Hamilton November 8, 2012 at 3:17 am

This is the comment I left on the Youtube comment window. “The first 16 seconds are true. I CAN be on the streets with a friend or in a car, waiting for the light to change, and BAM, it’s over. But the BAM would be at the hands of a criminal, not a law abiding citizen. It amazes me that people describe the exact scenario of WHY I carry a gun yet don’t want to provide me a way to protect my self in that situation. Are the police with me while I’m walking or in that car? The statistic about kids includes gang members 18 and under. A misleading, biased ad.” That’s my 500 character Youtube limit – exactly 500. What I was unable to write is that I’ve carried legally just about every day for 18 years and have never once drawn my weapon. I do that to protect my family and myself from those very streets he’s talking about. Right now, the kid’s a great script reader. But when he has small children that are his responsibility, he will most likely change his mind, or either put himself in a position where he may live to regret his stance. That’s the problem with the ad makers – they don’t understand ‘responsibility’. The police I mentioned don’t withdraw from the ATM with me, don’t walk with me into the parking deck at the end of a long day and don’t sit in the restaurant with me while I eat. “I” must protect myself and my family from those mentioned criminal events – the police just investigate them after they occur. If you watch the ad on Youtube, it says, “Produced by Zimmerman & Markman for Prevent Handgun Violence Against Kids Campaign.” Their website lists their contact as ‘info@zimark.com’. So I wrote them a letter, much the same that I’m writing here. If you google ‘Prevent Handgun Violence Against Kids Campaign’, it takes you directly to the Brady website. I wrote to them to. If you’re reading this, PLEASE WRITE your thoughts to others, including your representatives, not just read it and go on in disgust.


Alan Perez November 8, 2012 at 5:42 am

We all know 12 year old black kids are well versed in Concealed Carry……..but I still have my doubts. Maybe because that kid forgot to mention that it is the criminals we should be afraid of, not each other.


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