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YouTube: VIDEO: The Yankee Marshal: Pro-Gun Arguments (Do’s & Don’ts)

December 29, 2012

YouTube:  VIDEO:  The Yankee Marshal:  Pro-Gun Arguments (Do’s & Don’ts)



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John007 December 29, 2012 at 9:28 am

This statist prick is hardly qualified to make any pro-2A arguments.

dig YankeeMarshall’s humor and gear reviews, but like all liberals, he loves the ‘infallibility’ of the State/the Leviathan.

he deludes you’ll ‘lose’ every time vs. a liberal/RINO if you base 2A arguments on “Rights.”

Well, 1st of all, deluding one can logically converse w/ a mentally deficient schizophrenic, cognitively dissonant oBUSHmaBots who cannot discern their own Stockholm Syndromed selves vs. neoCons when both GWB & oBUSHma has exact same domestic & foreign policy, just differs on verbal rhetoric, that very delusion makes one a delusional idiot.

2ndly, though most important, our PRE-Constitution universally innate Natural Right of Self-Defense as codified and guaranteed (NOT “granted” as many liberals/RINOs delude) in the Constitution as the 2nd Amendment, is UNALIENABLE, IMMUTABLE, and NON-NEGOTIABLE. PERIOD.

To think you can reason with them, to ‘justify’ why ‘you need/don’t need an AR,’ or whatever the f*ck they want to attach later, is truly pathetic.

It’s like can you ‘rationalize’ why you need to live?

If one is not free to defend one’s own life, who’s life are you living?

Besides, to think you have to ‘convince’ liberals when WE the gunowners and the PRO-gun culture in USA is the majority, is idiotic. ALL these RINOs & traitors are emotively gullible if they believe a bunch of liberal MSM echo chambers yapping among themselves equal to reality.

The most popular cable ‘news’ shows, on their peak ratings barely break 500k viewers. Popular talkshows like George Noory routinely break 16milion listeners, A DAY! And he’s no.2 talkshow host. Believe hill billy heroin addict and RINO Rush is still no.1. But at least he’s still PRO-gun.

The only thing that matters is the CONgressional critters when they commence their next session. But more important than that, is the culture of pro-2nd Amendment.

These Machiavellian Fabian socialist liberal/RINO/neoCon sociopaths are sorely mistaken, if they honestly delude that 300~500 MILLION gun owning Americans are simply going to part with a full on Confiscation.

Yank.Marsh needs to go back and hit some history books.

The reason why NRA has been acquiescent in passing ALL past gun control laws in aiding & abetting govt hacks is because they’ve been ‘gear’ and ‘feature’ based. GOA & 2ndAmd.Foundation have forced them over the years to take more uncompromising stance based on principles, history, philosophy and facts. That, is why we were able to have all these victories in the last decade or so.

NOT debating the merits of “rights” argument is 100% recipe for a LOSS.

Glad that liberals like YankMarsh are out there, but he truly needs to study history more before yapping about things he does not know.


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