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YouTube: VIDEO: theKGB65: Case Head Failure – .40 S&W

May 9, 2013

YouTube:  VIDEO:  theKGB65:  Case Head Failure – .40 S&W



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Cletus O'Bannon May 10, 2013 at 3:54 pm

If you are going to run reloads through your Glock you might want to do what I did…

1. I bought a carbide full case shaper, you push the brass all the way through and size the entire length of brass(works for 10mm as well). During the firing cycle the “Glock Smiley” is created. Resizing with a standard die doesn’t eliminated this.

2. Use an after market barrel. The Glock barrel being unsupported is what leads to this failure.

3. Closer QA of your brass also… I examine my brass three times before priming.
– A: During the collection phase I will give the brass a quick look for obvious damage.
– B: After polishing/cleaning I will examine the brass more closely looking for imperfections that may cause feed or ejection issues.
– C: Just before I prime the brass I will inspect it one more time under a super bright LED light.

By putting this extra care into the process I have been getting great results.

Good luck!

By doing these


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