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YouTube: VIDEO: TheYankeeMarshal: Anti-Gun Bill Passes Senate (or did it?)

April 12, 2013

YouTube:  VIDEO:  TheYankeeMarshal:  Anti-Gun Bill Passes Senate (or did it?)



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TheDaywalkersDad April 13, 2013 at 12:15 am

I usually like theyankeemarshal’s channel. While he’s a hardcore 2nd Amendment supporter it’s worth mentioning that he also seems to vote for the same people that are always behind these gun restrictions. I know a lot of people like this. They loudly proclaim their love of shooting, gun ownership, etc. while sending helping to send more anti gunners to Capital Hill.
I don’t really consider this group much of a help.


TheDaywalkersDad April 13, 2013 at 4:18 am

Well, that earlier post quickly dissolved into gibberish. That’s what I get for playing on the computer before I have my coffee.

My point was that while Theyankeemarshal is an avid gun owner, he clearly tends to lean Left. In the future, he’ll no doubt frown in the voting booth while casting yet another ballot for an anti gun Democrat. I’m sure that really puts a lot of fear into the politicians with a (D) behind their name.

Bitching about gun control on the internet and voting for those that support gun bans is amusing. It doesn’t help the cause a lot though.

I have to give the guy credit for at least trying to support gun rights on his channel (if not at the polls).
Most of the Democrats that I know own guns. The majority of them don’t want any new gun laws. Not one of these (parasites) people, however is willing to contact a Congressman, join the NRA, or sign a petition. They are content to sit on their rear, and let others do the work. I actually saw one gentleman get a look of fear in his eyes when I suggested that he fill out a contact form on the Ruger website. I even pulled it up for him. Bear in mind that he owns a hi cap 9mm and an assault weapon.
He quickly declined, and almost ran away. It’s like he thought that Barack would find out, and no longer like him. This AR owning Dem is filled to the brim with the hopeychangey kool aid so it wasn’t really that surprising.

Every Independent and Republican that I know has contacted their politicians. On the other hand, every Democrat that I know has declined to do anything other than stupidly ask me if I have an AR15s to sell them.
I suppose the FSA term really does apply.


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